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The Green Alternative GAS Difference
Green Alternative Systems - Drivers behind Alternative Fuel Conversion Innovation
Ford QVM

Green Alternative Systems is a Ford Recognized Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) Alternative Fuel Program Installer. As such, the company makes providing the highest quality conversions available in the industry our utmost priority.

The purpose of the Ford Alternative Fuel QVM program is to help modifiers involved in alternative fuel vehicles achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction and product performance through the manufacturing of high-quality vehicles. To support our work in this regard, Ford engineers work on-site with Green Alternative Systems’ certified technicians to ensure consistent and reliable performance of each of the CNG and propane fueling systems we build.

  • GAS is a certified member of the Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) program
  • Our propane and CNG engine system manufacturers are also certified Ford QVM and QCM and ISO certified
  • Our conversion work maintains both Ford and Chevy OEM warranties
  • We offer a 4 year/100,000 mile warranty with each vehicle conversion
  • All of our conversions are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Much of our work is approved by the California Air Resource Board (CARB)
  • GAS has a nationwide service, warranty & customer service team
  • Broadest and most diverse list of standard safety features in the industry

Clients can trust our knowledgeable certified technicians to provide a quality, dependable conversion that supports the ultimate level of product safety and reliability and satisfies their core transportation needs.

In addition, through our work we assure clients of the broadest and most diverse list of standard safety features in the industry.
Safety Features:
  • All CNG cylinders meet federal government standard FMVSS 304 (49 CFR 571.304) for "Compress Natural Gas Fuel Container Integrity"
  • All CNG cylinders shall meet ANSI/CSA NGV2
  • All cylinders are equipped with electric shut-off valves interfaced to vehicle fuel module, which allows for the full integration of the manufacturer's original equipment safety features pertaining to rollover and inertia protection
  • All cylinder valves have an excess flow device
  • All cylinders are equipped with a pressure relief device (PRD) to automatically relieve pressure from cylinder and vent pressure to the top/rear of the vehicle in the event of an emergency situation
  • All stainless steel tubing has been installed per NFPA 52 guidelines with proper clearances from obstructions
  • All fittings are ANSI approved for CNG applications and are capable of withstanding a hydrostatic test of at least four-times the rated service pressure without structural failure (NFPA 52)
  • All mounting hardware is American-Made from grade 8 material or higher
  • Our conversion system utilizes protective heat shield material to protect high and low pressure hoses and tubing from excessive heat exposure
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