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Alternative Fuels Conversions
Professional CNG Conversions - Commited to Superior Vehicle Performance

We Use the Highest Quality Components

As one of the leading organizations within the alternative fuel market, Green Alternative Systems utilizes the highest quality components for CNG conversions to ensure the reliability and safety of fleet vehicles.

Our alternative fuel conversion options are designed in complete harmony with the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines. As a Ford recognized Quality Vehicle Manufacturer (QVM) installer, our fuel systems are engineered to maximize the inherent design benefits of today's gasoline engines. Our alternative fuel systems are designed as direct replacements for OEM gasoline injection systems for both compressed natural gas and propane fuel systems. They also meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certifications.

Our experience and industry reputation is highlighted by the quality of our compressed natural gas (CNG) conversions services. We are proud to offer the only Ford E-450 6.8L CNG Fuel System available today, which successfully completed the comprehensive 7 Year/200,000 miles Altoona Life Cycle Test with zero failures to the CNG Fuel System and related components.

Fully Certified Conversion Process

As a certified industry organization, our fleet conversion work follows a stringent and audit-ready process that includes the following steps:

  • A full review of the chassis and body specifications to ensure optimal system integration
  • Pinpoint design and layout of the fuel system to seamlessly match customer requirements
  • Stripping the OEM fuel system
  • Optimal installation of CNG cylinders to ensure high efficiency fuel usage
  • Installation of high and low pressure fuel lines to provide complete vehicle reliability
  • Installation of all safety equipment, including gravel shields, protect fuel tanks and drivers
  • Extensive diagnostic testing of the fuel system to ensure proper drivability
This exceptionally regulated process is carried out by industry-certified technicians who adopt an operator-focused approach to vehicle care. This approach assures all clients of a customized solution to their complete fleet conversion requirements.
Our Complete Suite of Conversion Services Includes:
  • Fleet CNG Conversions for Trucks
  • Fleet CNG Conversions for OEMS
  • Fleet Propane Conversions for Trucks
  • Fleet Propane Conversions for OEMs
To learn more about the company’s expert fleet conversion work, please contact the GAS in-house technical team directly today.
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