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As an organization, GAS continues to strive to meet its obligations as a leading specialist within the alternative fuel market. The company’s commitment to ever greater levels of service performance is the driving factor behind its many regulatory certifications.

Ford QVM
GAS is a Ford Recognized Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) Alternative Fuel Program Installer – This recognition ensures that our conversions and engine system manufacturer's operations have been audited by Ford to demonstrate:

  • Compliance with FMVSS standards
  • Engine calibration stays within original engine operating parameters (cylinder pressure and temperature, engine speed, etc.)
  • Conversions are only performed on new vehicles with the Ford gaseous fuel prep package

By meeting these criteria, the original Ford warranty is not voided as a result of the conversion process.

In addition, the following engine system manufacturers are recognized Ford QVM Alternative Fuel Developers/Installers and therefore qualified to work directly with GAS on their conversion processes:

  • Westport
  • Roush Clean Tech
  • Landi Renzo

Altoona Federal Bus Testing
The Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center in Pennsylvania is the bus testing program for the Federal Transit Administration. GAS is proud to showcase many vehicles that have been through Federal Altoona Bus Testing. In cooperation with the major bus manufacturers that GAS partners with, many makes and models of alternative fueled buses have gone through this rigorous test. GAS is the only alternative fuel installer to offer multiple Altoona Tested conversions that have successfully finished the arduous 7 year / 200,000 mile simulated test with no unscheduled maintenance to the fuel system.

A complete list of Altoona tested vehicles can be found here

By continually upgrading the company’s products and services to meet evolving client requirements, GAS has become a leading specialist within the alternative fuel market. The company is committed to working directly with industry regulators to improve its core performance capabilities. To learn more about the company’s various industry certifications, contact the GAS in-house team today.
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